Twas the night before Christmas

And the fermenters were full!

Think I got maximum beer into this one Рthis is before it starts fermenting. A re-brew earlier this week of Citrus Pale Ale РMake It Real. Brewery is all cleaned up and no more brews until we have an empty fermenter free.

All our vessels are full and fermenting more beer. Spare a thought for our yeast(s) as they will not rest this Christmas.

We have:

  1. Safale S-04 British Ale Yeast fermenting Make It Real Citrus Pale Ale.
  2. Saflager W34/70 Munich Lager Yeast fermenting St Arman Munich Helles Lager
  3. WLP510 Bastogne Yeast fermenting Monkezunkel Belgian Ale
  4. Framgarden Kveik Yeast fermenting Messianic Barley Wine

A very big thank you to everyone who has supported us over the last few months. Have a lovely Christmas.

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